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About This Fundraiser

We are kicking off our funding Campaign for our new Social enterprise called "The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop"

Out of Creating Justice Comes “The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop” A cultural health innovative space, a Social enterprise focused on economically empowering Skid Row and any other under resourced community in which (THHSS) may venture. This is a seed of innovation; if you will. Hopefully we will be able to franchise this model in order inspire others to join this movement or create their own innovation as we work towards community economic empowerment.

In Los Angeles 70% of Homeless folks are Homeless due to the lack of Housing affordability & availability and due to poverty, those are the three main factors driving Homelessness. Though there is a significant number, most homeless folks do not struggle with substance abuse or mental illness.

 Since economics is a major factor‐A central focus of “The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop”‐Skid Row are street entrepreneurs including Artists. We seek to help build street entrepreneurship and the informal economies of under‐resourced communities, and to help lift up street entrepreneurship as a major and respected source of economics for community building.

 The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop is one of the many initiatives that is changing the environment of Skid Row. Organizations such as Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN), Skid Row Coffee and others are helping to do so through holistic healing by elevating culture etc. "The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop" is all about Holistic healing and Community Empowerment

 The Business model is co‐op in nature, as a result many community orgs and artists are coming together to share their talents and gifts for the benefit of all.

 "The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop" is kind of like a Hip‐Hop museum‐ where you feel, taste, hear, see, and experience.

 We seek to bring you wokeness (educate), goodness, sweetness, health and prosperity, with each gulp

In phase one of our Campaign we're seeking to raise $50,000 to purchase our mobile unit/shop in order to launch this venture, as well as to continue doing events to raise more funds.

The Business Model is to offer a cultural experience sort of like going to a museum except it’s a live museum where you can feel, taste, see, hear and experience.

Each Smoothie is inspired by a particular theme or event or person in Hip Hop or music History. The idea is that Hip Hop is the launching pad to explore not just Hip Hop itself but the roots of Hip Hop. Certainly, we cannot explore the roots of Hip Hop without exploring from whence Hip Hop came and thus you must encounter the people from whence Hip Hop came (The Diaspora).

Because it is tremendously difficult and rather expensive to obtain and maintain commercial space "The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop" will be mobile, we are seeking to build out a trailer to serve the Homeless in Skid Row but also to bring "The Hip Hop Smoothie Shop" to a Community near you. JOIN THE MOVEMENT BY HELPING TO FUND "THE HIP HOP SMOOTHIE SHOP" We are seeking to raise $100,000, for build out and operating cost. In this first phase of our fundraiser we are hoping to raise the first $50,000, A DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT MAKES YOU AN INNOVATOR, NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL. EVEN IF YOU CONTRIBUTE 2 CENTS AND OR YOUR TWO CENTS.


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About CreatingJustice.LA

Advancing Justice through Creative Expressions

Our Mission is to Creatively help to Advance Justice through community organizing by educating,  developing, and helping to empower leaders who will build awareness, educate, and advocate for and create change.

Though we partner with "The Church Without Walls" Creating Justice is a non religious organization and is a project of "The Shaw Community Transformation Corporation" The Shaw is a 501 (C)3 Tax-exempt Organization 01-0804429

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