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I fight for the lives of the homeless in Skid-Row. I am angry and upset and not going to take the inhumane treatment of our skid-row community. If black lives matter, well we are all black and brown down here do we matter? Black women die and are raped here everynight. We are a kind and peaceful organization, but we can be unkind if the city keeps killing us. I'm going get the community back. I have people ready and would love to have a chance to talk with you. thanks


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About Go Fund The Row

We are a radical church. For the past fifteen years we've tried to live out the way of Jesus among the homeless in The Skid Row Community; located in Downtown Los Angeles. Please take this opportunity to partner with  us so we can continue to introduce people to our Lord and Savior and also meet the immediate needs for food, clothing, housing, and most of  all Redemption!

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